Sales of Windows 8 Hinders: Failed To Dominate PC Markets


December 25, 2012MicrosoftNo comments

The new version of Windows 8 has failed to capture the markets to that extent where the previous versions of Windows have gone. The previous version of Windows would arouse a lot of excitement in the crowd during their launch.

Claude Ballard, a semi retired system manager of an estate spoke while eyeing on the new Windows 8,” This version is economical and better my mechanics would go for it rather than me.”

Due to this fall in the sales the Windows, who are completely dependable on this computer business cannot recover quickly. The crowd now seems to be content having the previous versions.

Though lots of electronic gadgets running on the new version of Windows, it has failed to emerge to compete with the on running Apple or the Amazon. These products are just being snapped by the people.

Emmanuel Fromont, the former president of Acer, said while speaking to the media,” The sales of Windows 8 are lower than it is expected. One of the major factors contributing to this may be the unfamiliar design of the system. The spark is low in markets.”

According to NPD, the sale became 13 percent less with the Windows 8 making its debut this year in the first week of December.

These figures from the NPD are not only from the own stores of Microsoft but it is due to the fact that the stores were very scarce. It is very unlikely that it made such a huge difference.

Stephen Baker, an analyst in NPD said, “Everybody has hoped that the sales would have been much better. The market has changed itself and is not the same at the time of the launch of Windows 7 or Vista.”

The market was different when Windows XP or Vista was launched. The PC was considered to be the center of computing at that time. But it has been noticed that the sale of PC has been declining over the year and for this reason may be the sales of Windows 8 has fallen.

“It is very substantial that the people using PC are changing their PCs every five years which they used to change once every four years. It’s nothing but the replacement cycle is getting a push-out,” said AM Sacconaghi.

Windows 8 holds the future of Microsoft. Its interface is designed in the form of tiles that could be easily navigated in touch screen tablets. The Microsoft is intending to make the software more flexible by making it usable both on laptops and also even on PCs.

But this change has not been accepted by the reviewers and the interface design experts who are confused on the use of both the tile concept and the old desktop concept. The first month sale of Windows 8 was 40 million copies.

Bill Calder, Intel spokesman predicted that the sale Windows 8 would grow by the next year. The big retailers are now keeping their mouth shut. Brendan Barnicle said that the tablet supporting Windows 8 are more in numbers in the buy than the laptops.