Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

Brand is that concept which sticks to your mind after a commercial or upon seeing a printed advertisement. Small businesses, despite the limited clientele they have, need a strong branding presence. A strong brand indicates a positive and long-term operation for an enterprise. It also connotes an ‘identity’ and a particular degree of quality for the commodities offered by a small business.

Simple Ways To Strengthen Your Brand

What’s in a Brand?

There are different strategies a small business can commit to in creating a brand for its products and services. One way is by having a logo. Branding can come through color coordination. Take a look at the brand Mcdonald’s. It’s logo, M, is very distinguishable. Any person will know a real Mcdonald’s M from a fraud.

Another strategy to separate your products from others in the market is by defining your brand with specific colors. Look again at Mcdonald’s. Its ketchup red, bright yellow and white colors create a brand for a string of its products. Its printed advertisements play a lot of combinations with those colors.  However, it is not in the mere color-coding of materials. Oftentimes, the packaging does put one’s products above others. Take Tiffany as an example. One may not remember Tiffany’s logo but surely one can relate upon seeing the ever-iconic light medium robin egg blue color. The branding for it was so strong that the color itself became more commonly known as TIffany blue.

What makes Branding so Special?

Admit it. Every business needs branding for two simple reasons.

First, because of awareness. Right now, everyone turns on to google in order to know who is the best plumber, hairdresser, and massage therapist in town. With a weak branding strategy, one’s link may only be projected by Google when the consumer reaches the 10th page. The sad thing is it is quite impossible, though, that a consumer will choose to look at each and every page Google offers. If one’s branding is strong, however, chances are, there is no need for the consumer-client to ever Google the commodity or service. It will be automatic on him that if he is thinking of fries and burger, it is Mcdonald’s, and engagement ring is Tiffany.

Second, because of customer loyalty. Loyalty is gained through time, that is true. However, a client’s loyalty can also be gained through a consistent satisfying experience through the use of a RingCentral business phone. By maintaining a competitive quality of products and services, a strong brand is likewise created.

What are some Cool ways to Create a Strong Brand?

1. Define your Brand.

A small business needs to clarify what its brand stands for in order to determine that one thing which can define its brand in a wink of an eye. Study all the brands which offers the similar products and services as yours. Then, determine that one thing your small business has which others lack. It can range from knowledge, speed, or quality. Be creative in thinking of that ‘one thing’.  It can be the answer to the question “what is my brand made of?”

2. Prove your Brand.

It’s that moment when you have to combine two things but cannot because you ran out of glue. Your brand, no matter how strong, cannot be as helpful as it ought to be if it does not lead consumers to your small business. Back up your branding with some pieces of evidence that will point to your enterprise as the one with high quality products or one who offers same day delivery. Encourage your existing customers to tweet their experience on Twitter or take shots of your products and have them uploaded to Instagram.  You need not publish a newsletter of some sort to spread the word about your brand.

3. Think out of the Box.

Be creative in creating your logo or a simple color scheme for your products and services.