A Useful Guide To Help You Choose Your Wedding Music

Untitled1Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. For many people, this day only comes once in a lifetime. Hence, you need to make it as memorable as you can. One of the things your guest will remember about your wedding is the music. You can download great wedding songs from www.iomoio.com. However, even before you do so; it is wise to know what kind of music you will play on your wedding reception that will make all your guests happy. Some of the things to consider are:

Maintain variety in the reception

What will appeal to your colleagues is certainly different from what your college or high school friends will find enjoyable. Having variety is the key to the success of a wedding reception. Therefore, try to mix things up and have a little something for everyone. An advantage of doing this is that you will keep all your guests interested. Some may even learn to enjoy new genres of music and will have you to thank.

Ask your guest what they love

The most effective ways to know what music to play on your wedding is to ask your guests directly. You can do this on your reply card. Inquire about what music will get them on their feet. You can also set up a website or social network page for your wedding and ask people what they would like to listen to on that day. Nevertheless, do not forget to include your own taste in the music list. Get mp3 music downloads of that song and do some comparison.

Knowing your audience

If you are planning a small or private wedding, you should definitely know your audience. In some circles, the shuffle dance to the “celebration” songs is hugely popular. Others find the line dances such as the “electric dance” to be more fun. Probably, you will only invite your family and close friends to your private wedding reception. The most important fact to keep in mind is that you know your family and friends better than any bandleader or DJ.

Do not neglect your elderly guests

Your wedding will likely be attended by a small percentage of elderly folks such as your grandparents, their friends and even the nanny who raised you. It is important to take care of this group too when it comes to music. Their taste will probably not be anything in your decade but play it anyway. These are often among the first people to leave the reception so play your selections accordingly. Find music that appeal to many elderly people.

Start the dancing early

In the past, people would not begin dancing at the wedding until after the caking cutting. Today, this has changed because the brides and grooms desire a fun and lively wedding reception. Therefore, the dancing has to start early. It could be immediately after serving the meal. To get people to the dance floor, set an example. Command your bridal party to get on the dance floor and others will soon follow. This makes for some of the best memories you will have in your life.