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Beklo.Com is a complete & free blog hosting service where you can have a blog with lot of features in it. Altough it’s not an old blog hosting service like but is very reliable and have the potential to march to top blogging sites.

Sign up a free account at to have a no. of blogs there (now u can have 10 blogs) and get following cool features.


The interface present inside the admin panel there is very easy for managing blogs and managing diff. items like category, link etc of the blog.

Also managing the design and look of your blog is easy and you are allowed to edit the template to suit your designs. You can edit the style, links and any thing of your blog by editing your templete there. (it has it’s own tag and also you can use html and css and this is much better than in this way)

Also common things like blogroll, feeds, track-backs are present in the settings in the admin panel where you can do a related set of operations. Also you can publish your podcast feeds and rss feeds via settings and also choose ping servers to ping and all free. Moblogging or mobile blogging is allowed and you can make a perfect setting for this in admin panel.

You can blog mp3s, avi videos and other things and obviously illegal content might not be allowed to be blogged about. They are providing 50 MB space for you free.

Also multiuser blogging environment can be set for any blogs there. You can create your own mailing list and also interact with other bloggers at Beklo and send/recieve messages, make buddies and message them privately. (this is uniqe feature here)

According to their site following things are allowed now in their blogs:-

  • Make Upto 10 Blogs in one account
  • 50 MB of space
  • All file extension allowed includin mp3,avi,wav
  • Podcasting is allowed
  • More than 40 Cool Templates matching your Style
  • Best URL given to your blog that is
  • Add Freinds
  • Send Private Messages to Other Bloggers at Beklo
  • Create Mailing List
  • Multi Author Feature alowing you to add more Authors to handle your Blog
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Moblogging Enabled
  • IP Banning
  • Pinging Feature
  • Trackbacks Enabled

Also you may contact Beklo’s adminstrator in case you need more features in your blog.