Geophysical Equipment – Some Of The Top Instruments Used By Engineers and Geologists

The resistivity methods used today are some of the most powerful geophysical and IP imaging tools ever made. These instruments are used to document all typical electrical Earth measurements as well as corrosion control, geophysical equipment from Advanced Geosciences, Inc. provides the PowerSting, SuperSting, MiniSting and EarthImager software that have largely taken over the geophysical market. They comprise some of the top instruments used by today’s engineers and geologists.

Geophysical Equipment - Some Of The Top Instruments Used By Engineers and Geologists

Measuring the Earth’s depth with electrodes has become a simple process, whereas before it was complicated by the lack of technology. For example, the SuperSting is a single channel portable memory meter that has storage for resistivity readings and provides some of the most accurate readings available today. While some locations are difficult to get the right data, it’s imperative that you use an instrument as high tech as this one in order to save time and money. The SuperSting is also easy to carry and provides an excellent resistivity reading to use with 2D and 3D imaging. The SuperSting has a high power transmitter, field adapted rugged construction, menu driven system, swift dual mode automatic multi-electrode system and induced polarization modes that have six IP windows. These are the types of options that make AGI instruments the best available for today’s engineers and geologists. You can also find products like the PowerSting, Ministing and EarthImager at AGI, which provide all types of reliable and fast data collection with 3D imaging.