Market Your Company Effectively with the Use of Printed Lanyards

For a cost efficient and highly effective way of marketing your company, the use of printed lanyards is becoming increasingly popular. Here are the reasons why a professional lanyard range can get your company name out into the public consciousness.

It is really quite surprising that more businesses do not make use of the humble lanyard as a marketing tool to increase awareness of their company name. After all, they are very cost effective and a simple idea. More often than not, it is the simple ideas which are the best.

1. Incredibly Cost Effective
A lanyard is normally made from either nylon, cotton or sometimes a blend of the two. This makes them extremely good value to purchase, particularly in bulk. The addition of your company name or logo to the lanyard, while adding to the overall cost, is also normally not too expensive. As this is a very similar exercise to ordering headed stationery, it begs the question as to why more businesses do not take advantage of a printed lanyard. A wider range of people in general are much more likely to notice a name on a lanyard than an official document, so why not take advantage of that?


2. Get Your Name Out There
Trade shows and seminars are, of course, essential events for making sure your company profile is as high as it can be. One of the first steps is to ensure all of your staff present at the event are wearing lanyards with your company name displayed loud and proud. Outside of these official marketing events, it is still important to display your company and what it is about. A lanyard worn by all members of your team while out in public on official business is the best way of achieving this.

3. Promotional Gifts
In addition to being worn by all staff throughout your business, a lanyard also makes for an excellent promotional gift. This is particularly true today where a lanyard can have a myriad of uses. In addition to holding ID cards, they can also be used for keeping hold of keys and technological devices such as phones, CD cards and MP3 players. In addition a printed lanyard as a giveaway can make a nice little incentive to follow your business on Twitter or become a fan of your official business page on Facebook. The more followers or fans you get, the more likely someone is to spot your company name hanging around the neck of someone they know.

In today’s still uncertain economic climate, it remains hugely important to keep your business identity in the public consciousness as much as possible. At the same time it is still necessary to keep a tight rein on expenses too. This is what makes a range of lanyards, with their relatively low cost and high public visibility, such an effective marketing tool for your company. If you haven’t yet made this a part of your marketing strategy, now is the time to consider it.


Ilena has written a number of business related articles for a wide variety of websites, blogs and printed publications. She believes that the use of lanyards, such as those available from Printed-Lanyards, is a much under-utilised marketing tool.