Brooke Mueller Admitted to Hospital for Prescription Drug Abuse

Although celebrity comes with more than its fair share of perks, there’s also a price to pay. While public figures enjoy special treatment everywhere they go, free gifts from brands looking for celebrity endorsements and yearly paychecks that are more than many people make over their entire lives, they also face constant scrutiny and a pressure to keep up appearances under the severe and often hurtful media microscope. You won’t find many people who would offer any pity for these larger than life personalities, but a little bit of empathy should be expected. After all, these are just people in the end, trying to raise their children and find happiness under incredible circumstances. That balance leads many celebrities down the road to drug and alcohol abuse. Brooke Mueller has had her struggles with prescription drugs publicly chronicled, thanks to her relationship with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen. And according to a recent report, Ms. Mueller is back in the hospital, receiving treatment for prescription drug abuse.


Last Wednesday a news piece surfaced suggesting that Brooke Mueller was forced into a medical rehabilitation facility against her will. But this new report stands in stark contrast. According to a press release put out by her camp, Brooke voluntarily sought treatment at the UCLA Medical Facility back on the third of May. She will remain there under her doctor’s care for a few more days, but that won’t be the end of her journey. According to Steve Honig, her public representative, Brooke will then move into a residential treatment facility. Prescription drug abuse is a major problem in the United States, and as with Ms. Mueller, it often takes addicts several attempts at rehabilitation before they kick the habit.

Things get more complicated when children are involved, as is the case here. Ms. Mueller has custody of the two sons she had with Charlie Sheen, Bob and Max. The kids were taken from her care just before she was admitted to the UCLA facility, and placed with Denise Richards, another of Sheen’s ex-wives. Ms. Richards has looked out for Bob and Max during Ms. Mueller’s prior attempts to break her prescription drug addiction, and remains close with the whole family. Regardless of the disagreements Richards and Sheen have had in the past, they also share a familial connection. Ms. Richards has full custody of their two daughters, Lola and Sam.

As is often the case in situations like this, the court system immediately got involved. After Ms. Richards took in Bob and Max, she and Sheen saw a judge to discuss custody. The swift ruling was made that Ms. Richards would be granted temporary custody of the boys, pending Sheen’s approval of the situation. He obviously agreed. It’s been clear for quite some time that regardless of any issues Brooke Mueller continues to battle with, she is far more fit to look out for the two four-year-old children than Sheen will ever be.

However, her timeframe to reach the other side of her addictions may be coming to a close. Ms. Mueller was admitted for drug abuse treatment back in December, to deal with an Adderall addiction. According to Mr. Honig, Brooke is a caring mother who misses her kids more than anything else. She is committed to getting healthy so she can remain in their lives. But at this point, the final decision may end up in the hands of another judge.