General Mistakes New And Inexperienced Website Owners Make

Everyone knows that having a successful website is necessary if you want to be successful in your business. With free website design sites such as, designing websites has never been easier. Yet, many websites fail to take off as soon as the owners launch them. There could be numerous reasons for this, but mostly, it is because of the mistakes the owners make. Here are some of the mistakes and their solutions:


General Mistakes New And Inexperienced Website Owners Make

A Shoddy web design

Many people who open websites run a proper business or company. Yet, they come up with a shady website design that does not reflect the professionalism of their business. If you want to keep your clients and attract more, you need to use a professional design on your site. If you want your visitors to feel good and give you business, you should make the website organized, neat and pleasing to them.

Holding unrealistic expectations

Just because you have managed to create a website for free does not mean it will become a hit over night. Growing your website will take time. Converting it into a profitable site will require even much time. Do not full yourself that marketing solutions such as SEO, SEM or social media marketing are quick fixes. These methods do work but they require more time than what is in your mind. Be realistic and patient.

Complex navigation

Another common new website owners make is to have a complicated navigation system. Visitors have to click on multiple links to access the information they want. Some take you round until you cannot remember where you started. Visitors do not like to go round and round. If they realize your site is not easy to navigate, they will never come back. Avoid having a hierarchy of more than two levels.

Too much too soon

It is true that your website exists to provide information regarding your products and services. However, providing too much information as soon as you launch the site will clutter your pages and make them unsightly.  Furthermore, the information will overwhelm your visitors thus will not bas of much help. The best way to go about it is to update your content slowly but steadily to keep your visitors coming back. If you use it wisely, content can be one of the most valuable elements of your website.

Trying to use SEO shortcuts

Once you have launched your site, you are going to need search engine optimization methods to promote your site. Numerous SEO techniques can be used, but they all require a little time to achieve great results. This may tempt you to use illegal SEO shortcuts to make your site popular instantly. However, using such methods will ruin the reputation of your site and search engines will see them coming from a mile away and penalize you.

Displaying too many ads

Adverts are great ways for you to make money through your site. However, you should avoid displaying too many adverts at a time on your page. Your visitors will get the feeling that all you care about is making money and start going somewhere else.