Multitouch DIY Products Continue to Proliferate

One of the most popular aspects of the Microsoft Multitouch technological revolution appears to be the do it yourself aspect to the technology that is starting to sweep across the nation. In a rather weird twist for the Microsoft Surface computer, rather than Surface sales numbers going up, it appears that a number of different people have started creating their own Multitouch interfaces and saving themselves a lot of money in the process.

You know that the DIY craze has gotten to ridiculous levels when Microsoft begins to get involved.

But that’s exactly what has happened. Perhaps taken aback at the backlash against their $10,000 Surface computer in the form of DIY Multitouch proliferation, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft TouchWall. This handy piece of hardware will actually give you the chance to set up a Microsoft Multitouch display on one of your walls, putting the whole device together yourself. It is shipped in pieces and assembled by you, including the three infrared lasers that make the whole thing work. Microsoft’s DIY TouchWall product will give you a very significant discount over the Surface and it represents an effort by the technology giant to gain back some of the market share that the Surface has lost to DIY products.

The main problem with TouchWall is that most of the people that use computers are not DIY people. Putting together a desktop computer is enough for most consumers, but putting together an entire wall Multitouch display is not something that many will likely go for. This is why Multitouch has yet to penetrate into the market at large in desktop form (the only really successful Multitouch product was the iPhone and that is not a desktop device) and why the status quo is likely to remain in effect until someone creates a more affordable version of the Surface computer.