Microsoft Surface Here at Last reports AT&T

When people have been thinking about Multitouch technology, it is really the Surface Computer that has challenged the boundaries of modern era technology. While the Apple iPhone has already been on the market for some time, it is the Surface that people have been talking about because of all of the extra features that Surface has over the iPhone. Well, while the Surface’s extra features have resulted in a price tag that is really the same thing practically as not even sending the Surface to the market, stores like AT&Tare starting to take advantage of things by reporting that they will be placing Surface computers in their stores.

AT&Thas stores all around the United States and on April 17th they will be conducting an experiment by placing twenty-two different Surface Computers in four of their stores in the country. These Surface Computers will operate as they were always envisioned to do. When people place products on the Surface, information regarding the product will come on the screen. The customer can then directly interact with the Surface in order to change the information that is being shown or to bring up additional information regarding the product on the screen. The customer can even put two products on screen at the same time in order to do an on the spot comparison between the two products before choosing which one they want to purchase.

All of these nifty things will make decisions easier for the customer from a shopping around point of view, although it might also make the lives of AT&Tsales agents a bit harder over the first week as people are expected to come into the store in order to get a chance to play with AT&T’s new Surface Computers.

AT&TStore Locations (Links lead to

· New York: 381 Madison Ave. or 350 Park Ave.

· San Francisco area: 1206 El Camino Real, San Bruno

· San Antonio: 13127 San Pedro Ave.

· Atlanta: 3429 Lenox Road N.E.