T3 Plays with the Surface

T3 has recently got a chance to play with the Microsoft Surface, and they have posted a nice video in which you can see them having fun with it.

From T3:

T3 was treated to a visit by the much anticipated Surface computer this week. Shipped all the way from the States, it’s the first taste of the touch-sensitive tabletop in the UK.

Not only were we blown away, but Microsoft says the product’s well on its way to the real world, and that we’ll be stroking them in public before next year.

That is, if you’re in the US. Several firms have signed up to use Surface in their stores, hotels and casinos. There are even plans to let the technology take orders in restaurants and bars, as well as entertaining guests in hotel rooms.

It’s a tempting taste of the future, and we couldn’t stop tapping, stroking and gesturing at the model we got our hands on.

Take a look at our exclusive video below, and see why the next computer you use might be the most intuitive yet.