More than ever before, WorldWide Partner Conference was a serious demo fest with lots of cool technology shown off during the keynotes. Silverlight, Photosyth, Seadragon, Surface and more. Hats off to the WPC folks for showing off our innovations to an audience that sometimes only really gets to see (and sell) our business software. I already have lots of interest from UK Partners on Silverlight and Surface in particular. Needless to say I’ll need one of the latter for research purposes :)Check ’em out

Microsoft Surface
Allison Watson picked her favorite demos of the week, including Microsoft Surface. Learn more about Surface, the first surface computing platform.

Live Labs Photosynth (and SeaDragon)
Watch how a three-dimensional image is created from two-dimensional photos. See photos from multiple angles and seamlessly zoom in or out of a photograph that’s gigapixels in size.

Windows Live for Windows Mobile
See some of the latest devices and services for mobility. Learn how to stay connected and quickly find local resources and data using Windows Live Search.

Microsoft RoundTable
Watch Allison Watson conduct a conference with partners from around the world with 360-degree cameras that can track any speaker in the room.

Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM
See a sneak preview of the upcoming Microsoft Dynamics Live CRM offering that will deliver a flexible and familiar user experience, through Microsoft Outlook, or a Web browser, with rich configuration and customization capabilities.

Microsoft Silverlight
See how the latest support program for interactive high-quality video and photo, can be used to intuitively organize and preview new media.

Windows Server 2008

Windows Automotive
See how the Ford Sync works, demonstrating some of the latest technology coming out of the Windows Automotive Business Unit.

Via: Steve C