Silverlight on

imageSean Alexander posted that Silvelright is now on promoting the very cool new product Microsoft Surface. Last time Silverlight was used was to promote the Xbox 360 Elite just after Mix in April.It is worth pointing this out for a couple of reasons:

1. It shows how Silverlight can be used to deliver media in a branded advertising scenario and promote a product/service like Surface

2. More importantly, as a reassurance to the many designers and developers that are out there considering using Silverlight for production projects. I had one guy email me after last weeks MSDN Roadshow and he wanted help ‘selling’ Silverlight to his boss for use with a client. Having examples of one of the highest traffics sites on the web using Silverlight is a good thing to show and also indicates that customers with Silverlight installed is growing well (as indicated by Sean’s post with the spikes in downloads of the plug-in).

Check out Silverlight on (this may only be on the EN-US site)

(The UK one points to something very important but very personal which I had the honour of developing a few weeks ago which was to help the police in their quest to find a little British girl, Madeleine McCann.)

Source:Mark J