Sudden demand for Surface related Domain names

After Microsoft corp. revealed its hottest innovation to date ‘ the Surface’ , i have witnessed a sudden increase in domain names that relate to this microsoft’s multi billion dollar project. At a place to buy and sell domain names, there are people flocking with offers to buy domains to start an online business related to Surface as most of the names they want are already registered.

Currently the name, a great name for puzzle games for Ms Surface is at auction with 2 days 9 hours left for the auction to end. The current highest bid is already $500! sold at for $2000 and an unconfirmed report of selling at an auction conducted by Sedo for more than $3000, Somebody Plz confirm this… sold for a whopping $27000 just a day before or so behind the official launch of Microsoft Surface at WallStreet Journal’s “All things digital conference” on 30-may-07.

After searching through the sedo database for Surface related names, here i come up with some great names that are standing out of the crowd at the at sedo Auction(ends Jun/27/07 10:06 PM CEST),,,,,,, &

It Seems that the internet is going to boom with many Surface related sites full of resources even before the Product is available to the Market 😀