Popular Mechanics Announces 2007 Breakthrough Awards

Popular Mechanics has announced its 2007 tech Breakthrough Awards crediting the Top Innovators, Inventors, Products, Tech Gadgets that are set to change one’s view point of technology.

These Include..

interactive media wallJefferson Y. Han: The Hands-on Computer:If a screen is large enough, four or five people can work at it together, rearranging blueprints, say, or editing photos—but not with a mouse. The answer, which Han demonstrates on his 3 x 8-ft. Media Wall, is multitouch input.

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft Surface:This tabletop computer uses “multitouch” technology to let several users, employing their fingers, manipulate images and other data right on the screen—no keyboard or mouse needed.

Apple Iphone Apple Iphone:Of course, you’ve heard about this phone. But have you used it? The best way to understand why Apple’s iPhone has sent shockwaves through the cellphone industry is simply to check your voice mail with it.

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