What Type Of Tablet Is Best For Kids?


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It is becoming increasingly common for children to be part of the world of technology for education and entertainment purposes. While there is not one tablet device that is universally the best for all children, there are many factors that can help you choose the right tablet for your kids. When in the market for a tablet for your children, there are many features to consider: the durability of the tablet, screen size, available apps, operating systems, parental controls, power, and whether or not you will be using it as well. Below is an overview on kid-friendly tablets and apps to help you decide which one best fit your family’s needs.

The Tablet should be Accident Proof

Even the most careful children (and even adults) are not guaranteed to be accident-free, especially given the compactness of a tablet. A tablet that children will use should be durable enough so that it has a chance of surviving drops or being accidentally stepped on. A large grip on either side of the tablet will make it easier for children to hold onto, especially ones who have not quite developed their fine motor skills. Rubber edges will also absorb shock after the tablet comes crashing to the ground, helping it to survive the fall. Some tablets are come with a protective bumper, such as the Nabi 2, and with some tablets you will have to purchase it separately.

What Type Of Tablet Is Best For Kids?

Consider Buying a Tablet with Parental Controls

It is important that a tablet will allow children to search the internet on their own, perhaps without supervision. Giving children the opportunity to search the web is a great way for them to learn about the world around us. But, on the other hand, it is wise to make sure that the tablet has parental controls to ascertain that they are searching the web safely. Furthermore, technology is great, but it can become addicting as well. Parental controls also enable you to choose how long they may spend on the tablet every day. The LeapPad Ultra, the Nabi Jr, and the Kindle Fire HD are a few parental control equipped tablets available on the market.

Know what Apps are Available

If there is a particular game that you would like to have available for children, it is important to know whether or not it is available for the type of tablet you have in mind. If you are going to invest in a tablet, it should obviously have enjoyable apps for them to utilize. The LeapPad Ultra is a great tablet specifically meant for children; it is suited with more than 800 educator-approved apps.

If you can see yourself downloading apps for yourself as well, make sure you are not buying a tablet meant just for children. The Kindle Fire HD is a great option if you are hoping for a tablet both you and your kids can use. It has features that an adult can utilize and enjoy, but it also has parental controls that make it available for children as well. Parents can also have their own apps on the side with the Nabi 2 tablet.

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