6 Innovative Tech Options That Start-up Businesses Must Explore

business technologyStart-up businesses need to be just as equipped as their bigger business rivals when it comes to business plan, investment know-how, competent employees, and the right sort of technology to use. Neglecting any of these elements could result in undermining your business venture from the very start. Particular attention must however be given to business technology since this is how start-ups could level the playing field against longer entrenched competitors.

What start-ups lack in financial resources, they could compensate for cost-efficient technology that could keep them ahead in the game. In a world that’s gone completely interconnected via the various online technologies available, upping the ante on tech savvy could eventually tilt the game in your favor. You could easily get a headstart by exploring the six innovative tech options below:

  1. Geo-positioning Tech.
  2. Mobile devices usually have geo-positioning capabilities in them that people use to get real-time directions to places especially while driving to locations unfamiliar to them. This is just as easy as referring to maps and as an augmented reality tech could also help customers find your stores easily and confidently. As a business owner, you could explore the possibility of creating an app inspired by the same tech to help customers set up appointments and find your stores at the same time. Targeting customers based on location offers you the opportunity to let customers be aware of visit-related rewards or promos.

  3. Contact Management Software.
  4. Keeping track of customer data is vital to the retention of customers for a business.  Customer service becomes even more efficient in achieving deeper and more intimate levels of connection between brands and customers when aided by contact management software. Social media, newsletters, and notifications make up a huge part of customer service that start-ups need to pay attention to. When integrated with business VoIP and customer relations management systems, companies can stay connected to customers and build long-lasting business partnerships with them.

  5. Targeted Advertising via Online Search.
  6. Social media and search engines sell advertising space that offer start-ups the ability to reach out to a particularly targeted audience that they can target virtually. This happens as a matter of social media access because users willingly allow user information to be available as part of the terms of use. Whenever you place an ad, this could only be seen by people that you prefer to expose ads to. You save more this way because you effectively forego cracking through the clutter of competition by reaching to a focused audience.

  7. Mobile Devices.
  8. Business has gone more mobile and workers and business owners do more business while hopping from one location to another. This effectively transcends business hours and other hindrances like physical absence and remote locations. Mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets enable business people to telecommute and collaborate conveniently online. The availability of VoIP in systems like those offered by RingCentral business phone services, for instance, make companies enjoy a high degree of connectivity among employees and coworkers from anywhere anytime in real-time.

  9. Biometric Authentication.
  10. Passwords will soon become passé when securing information. Biometric data technology to accurately identify info sources and ownerships could be used by start-ups to properly identify repeat customers. This is the tech found in iOS devices that use fingerprint scanners to unlock phones. Facial recognition tech could also be found in another mobile devices. Your company could start implementing this technology to make customers feel confident and happy about verifiable information.

  11. Online Payment Options.
  12. Companies need to seriously explore online retail methods to increase their viability alternatives aside from managing multiple stores and shops. Reliable and transparent online payment systems that keep customers assured of trustworthy online payment system services enable customers to make purchases even without making sore visits. This also facilitates remote location transactions conveniently.