Motorola CLS1410 – Easy to Program and Use


June 25, 2013MobileNo comments

For large and small businesses, two-way talk radios can be a lifesaver. They provide an excellent way to communicate over long ranges within your business area, and the latest models also provide a ton of other features for the best audio quality and channel control. You can now have different privacy features to ensure that your conversations are heard just between you and your other party, motorola cls1410 is one of the better two-way radios on the market right now.


Motorola CLS1410

This walkie talkie in particular has been reviewed as one of the best for businesses. It includes a UHF band, 56 business only frequencies, 121 interference codes and Vibracall, which is the best way to get audible call alerts. In addition, these newer walkie talkies from Motorola have a long-lasting lithium ion battery, so that you no longer have to wait to charge your walkie talkies for hours.

The Motorola CLS1410 also has superior talking range. Its signal can last over a five mile range outside and 200,000 square feet indoors, as well as go up to 15 floors in a single building. Businesses use these types of two way radios for all kinds of functions. For example, construction companies need walkie talkies to help oversee different projects and maintain safety as well as progress throughout the job site. With the Motorola, you get the longest range for bigger projects and the best in audio quality. In addition, the two-way talk radio is easy to program and use.