Assistance Provided By Google Analytics Pertaining to Search Engine Optimization

Algorithms are the detectives used by search engines to assign ranking to a particular website. No website is given any favor, the one that complies with algorithm ranks high, and the one that does not comply to it, looses ranking.

The best tool that can help a website gain ranking in search engine results is the Google Analytics. A web marketing firm utilizes Google Analytics, to find insight to the major problems concerning the SEO of the website.

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate connotes the number of people who visited a particular website and then jumped out of it without doing some considerable activity. An increased bounce rate shows that the website is not optimized properly or incorrectly, as a result of which the visitors cannot find the thing they searched for on the website.

On average, the bounce rate of a website needs to be low than 60%. A higher bounce rate than 60% indicates the following things related to the SEO of the website:

  • The first thing a higher bounce rate could be indicative of is that the website has been optimized for wrong keywords. Meaning that the website does not contain any information pertaining to the keywords for which it appeared in search results, as a result of which visitors may not stay long on the website.
  • The design of the website can also be another thing that prompts users to leave the website. if your website design, does not have a good layout, no user friendly navigation, looks messy, then as a result people will not stick to the website and search for a better one.
  • The content of the website is another reason a website could have a high bounce rate. If the content provided by the website is below par and non comprehendible than it would be a mere waste of time for visitors, which they cant afford and thus jump off.

Pages Visited:

AdWords also provides insight to the number of pages visited by the users. A higher number of page visits, indicates excellent internal linking. The better the internal linking, the more a user will browse through linked pages, hence an increase in number of pages visited. A page visit number higher than 2 indicates:

  • Search engines crawl better through the website.
  • Greater time spent by a visitors on a website increases the chance of converting a visitor into a customer.
  • The longer a visitor stays on a website; it sends a positive signal to the search engine that the website has value information to offer.


It goes without saying that the primary information an SEO services company can extract from Google Analytics is the keywords. The whole search engine optimization of the website depends upon the keywords selected. If the selected keywords are in accordance to your product and service, than you will receive greater traffic, and Google Analytics can help in finding the keywords pertaining to your product or services.


In short, Google Analytics is a great free tool that can be utilized to find the major SEO amendments that can be made in a website to achieve the online marketing objectives.