Windows 7 Alpha is Coming


October 2, 2008MicrosoftNo comments

Pack your bags – we’re going to Professional Developers Conference at the end of October. It will feature the latest innovations in cloud computing wherein demos and applications for cloud computing will be distributed to every attendee in a 160GB hard drive. Although cloud computing hopes to revolutionize the programming industry; one particular OS is expected to be inside the 160GB HD – Windows 7. The operating system is finally coming and will be available in PDC. This release will still be an Alpha or a “pre-beta” release which means few tweaks and bug fixes on the operating system is needed before the commercial version will be released.

There a lot of questions being asked right now that could be answered in this Alpha version. Among them is the integration of Multi-Touch interface. A lot of talk about this feature and Microsoft has already shown their wares through Microsoft Surface. The multi-touch interface of Microsoft is already being used in Sheraton Hotels and even in MSNBC.

The doubt for the multi-touch interface being integrated in Windows 7 stems from the earlier than expected release of Windows 7. Vista has never gathered enough positive reviews and sales that have pushed Microsoft to stand by the latest OS for a few more years. As the damage of Vista has already been admitted, Microsoft will release Windows 7 earlier with the hopes of repairing the dwindling perception of Microsoft especially on its operating system. Because of the rush, the multi-touch interface might not be integrated yet. No one really knows and it can only be answered during PDC. It is expected that the stable version of Windows 7 will be available at the end of 2009 or early 2010.

Additional add-ons are expected in Windows 7 such as Windows Live downloads. The boot up time as well as general design is expected to improve in the upcoming version of Microsoft’s operating system.