The Ups and Downs of Windows 7 Mobile


October 2, 2008MicrosoftNo comments

Windows 7 Mobile release will be delayed. This powerful operating system for mobile phone is currently on its 6.1 version and the next update will not be available until the second half of 2009. Considering the time of release of the latest OS of Windows Mobile (6.1 version) the next release could be a little bit late for Microsoft.

There are two sides of the coin for this delay. Obviously, the lack of updates in Windows Mobile will give chance to its competitors to move forward with their mobile phones and software. The mobile phone industry is a very volatile industry that by the time Windows 7 Mobile would come out, everyone has already established their position and there might not be enough space for Windows 7 Mobile. The partner manufacturers of Microsoft are already frowning in this move and although they can’t just transfer to other OS, it’s still a possibility.

On the other hand, there is a good reason why Microsoft has put a hold in its latest offering of Windows Mobile operating system. Obviously, Microsoft didn’t want to send out another Windows CE OS that really won’t get any nods from tech reviewers.  They wanted to send out an operating system that could easily compete with iPhone, Blackberry and the recently released Android. It’s said that Microsoft will be coming out with an OS that could handle Ajax and Flash based applications. The handling of Ajax has become clearer now that Microsoft now uses JQuery as its library. JQuery is a very powerful library for Ajax based applications used by a lot of developers worldwide. That means IE and possibly Pocket IE could have the ability of handling Ajax based websites soon in the future.

Windows 7 Mobile may not be here yet until late next year, but expect a great buzz once this OS for mobile phones is released.