Windows 7 Mobile Likely to be Delayed

Windows 7 Mobile is the operating system of choice for people using smart phones and many other electronic handheld hardware devices.  As far as the operating system is concerned however, a delay appears to be what is in the process.  Recent information obtained through a leaked document appears to point to the system being released for about another 14-16 months.  This information, if true, would represent a delay of about six months over the figure that had last been given to the public by Microsoft.

Windows 7 Mobile in many ways is arguably more anticipated than its counterpart for conventional computers.  The Windows 6.1 Mobile system had a number of problems with it, suffering from bloating in the same way that Windows Vista did.  While it is not known whether Windows 7 Mobile will correct this problem, the leaked documents do describe Multitouch functionality that is far greater than anything Windows has brought to the market before in its mobile devices.

Theoretically, people with Windows 7 Mobile would be able to use a combination of their fingers and a stylus to input information onto a touch screen.  They can use just the stylus, just one finger or a combination of multiple fingers to input commands and they can use gestures like finger swipes much in the same way that users of the iPhone already can.  Additionally, Windows 7 Mobile appears to support jiggling motions, allowing you to shake a device or flick it to make different things happen.  A lot of this is speculation based on a leaked document of unknown authenticity, but it certainly does present some interesting ideas.