Technical Enhancement Made By DealDash

Bored with old laptops?? Want to try something new?? Then try Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 display with 8GB memory from DealDash– a famous penny auction site. Always apple grabs your attention.!! Be it design or configuration and I think same goes for its cost too…No worries about its high cost..!!! Go with DealDash and get 80 percent smart  offer as I did..!!! sounds strange !!! Yes Trust..!!!! Apple offers excellent  configuration for its one of the  successful product MacBook Pro. It uses Intel’s third generation Core architecture for uplifting in processor power and memory speed. They took special privilege in introducing next generation graphics to give high performance which is 60 percent faster than before.It can transfer data at 10GigaBytes per second. This also enables good USB drives to connect digital camera,mp3 player and gives high data transfer.Touch screen has high sensitivity which supports swapping,rotating etc.

Technical Enhancement Made By DealDash

This has Intel Core i7 processor with 2.4 GHZ of clock frequency along cache to give excellent multi-tasking environment to the user. It gives  base memory from 4GB  extended up to 8GB. X Mountain Lion  gives soul to the MacBook.This OS also comes out with the tag named “creation by MAC”. This interacts system with all its  preloaded applications and programs that are very essential such as safari,Mac,App Store,iTunes, FaceTime and more.

Available features:

13.3 MacBook Pro.

Display Cleaning Cloth.

60w MagSafe Power Adaptor

Printed and electronic documentation along with power cord.

Along with above mentioned it  gives high definition display with fabulous sound system. Keys are closed arrange and gives optimum speed.This release has Backlit keys to type in low light. As usual it gives backlight adjustment for color change preference.I hope everyone knows Mac Book’s worth. You can save around 80 percent of the retail price. Go with dealdash as it gives for $279.18 on average selling  price.